Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cold secretary of health

Interesting: a pocket full of posies used to be the talisman of choice that would ward off the plague. But today instead of flowers in our pockets, we may soon begin to put our faith in elbow patches.

We all know about colds. We all know about the flu. But do you know the correct way to sneeze? It seems the elbow is the preferred receptor rather than the hand.
As Elmo and Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius have both made clear, it is no longer okay to sneeze in your hand.

Speaking of cold, Sebelius called out a member of the press after he sneezed inappropriately. She began treating him as you would a child, chiding him and repeatedly modeling the proper protocol for the sneeze.

There are majors flaw in the sneeze in the elbow technique.
1.) Some adults cannot bend their arms close enough to their faces to form a protective barrier. Tight clothing or muscles both can prevent this from happening.
2.) My mouth is far larger than the crux of my elbow.
3.) The element of surprise. Sneezes are reflexes to foreign bodies and do not always allow for a blockage plan, let alone one that is contrary to years of in-the-hand training.

Until we begin wearing clothing that contain kleenex sleeves, I prefer using my hand, Secretary. Don't call me out.

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  1. As long as you wash after using your hand...otherwise, no high fives for you.