Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do something each day that scares you, Lent 2011

It is my understanding that during Lent a person is to give up something reminding them of their devotion to God. Last year, I attempted to give up soda. I only ended up cutting back, but still the exercise was somewhat fruitful.

This year, a week into the Lent season, I'd like to observe it in a different way.
I am taking creative license, and believe I can since I am protestant and the entire Lent idea is still quite foreign.

This year, I would like to challenge my sense of comfort. Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be coffee, curling up with my security blanket (true), staying silent. So recognizing that comfort is comforting and therefore often easier and pleasanter, I will try to activily do something that scares me daily.
I'm not talking sky diving scare or hitch hike with a stranger scare (since I have already done that). But make a conscious decision to challenge my comforts each day be it something that will be fun and I simply don't want to put myself out there or something that won't be enjoyable in the least.
I will try to update the list daily so as to be conscious of what I'm about and that it will hopefully make me grateful to have comforts but more grateful that I have a Comforter, Author, and Protector.

I am starting now, but can remember things I have done in the last week that were challenging to do.

March 15: Participate in focus group. Mend a relationship. Take a spinning class.
March 14: Ask for help at help desk in airport.
March 13: Eat things I can't pronounce at an Asian Market.
March 12: Fly to New England area. See a friend. Explore new things.
March 11: Write performance eval. Use strong "I statements" and explain my strengths.
March 10: Directly ask boss about my job next year and my position.
Ash Wednesday: state an idea in department meeting and defend its relevancy.